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Welcome to the West Central Ohio Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers.

Welcome to the West Central Ohio Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers.  We are dedicated to helping our members and community implement energy efficient technologies to reduce expenses, improve the environment, and bolster our economy. We invite you to join our local chapter to network with your industry peers, discuss projects, develop leads, encourage energy efficient design and discover new energy procurement strategies. Our West Central Ohio Chapter is updating this web page with pertinent information and updating the schedule, so please check back often. If you have any suggestions or requests, please contact any of our board members listed on the contacts page.  The resources tab is also a good place to check on past events, newsletters, or power point presentations that have been shared.

WCOAEE News & Events

July's Meeting will include a tour of a High Performance Net Zero Energy home which has lived up to the projected concept to produce more energy than it uses. 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM July 28th at 8310 W.  Frederick Garland Rd., West Milton, OH 45322, Union Township

Jeff Testerman, President of TesCon Inc. and Bob Springer, VP of marketing and sales will present their High Performance Net Zero Energy home. It has a HER’s rating of -3. After a full year of collected energy use data, the home has lived up to the projected concept to produce more energy than it uses.  The 3600 sq. ft. home is built with 2 separate 2x4 walls which are spray foamed for R-54 walls, R-60 attic, R-17 under slab, nicely architected ceiling with internal ductwork, ERV, 12kW solar, passive solar sun room and other amenities.   The home was presented in the 2015 HBA’s Homearama.


No breakfast will be served.  Chapter members and guests are free.

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June 16, 2016 Meeting Topic Dr. Bob Gilbert, Professor, Sinclair Community College, will present Sinclair’s Energy Management program, and Sinclair’s involvement in the Ohio Lean Buildings Program followed by a tour of the Center for Energy Education Laboratory.

The laboratory is powered by a 3 kW wind turbine and 1.4 kW solar modules, designed and built by Sinclair students.  Breakfast will be served in room 231, building 12.  Park under build 12 off Fourth Street. Parking passes will be provided. 
Chapter members are free, guests are $10. 
Please RSVP for this event by noon Tuesday, June 14th by contacting Bob Gilbert by email at to reserve a spot if you have not already responded!

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You can join the local West Central Ohio chapter for just $60 per year or $50 before April! This includes the cost of meals or special speakers unless otherwise indicated in the newsletters.  To join the West Central Ohio chapter and receive regular advance notices of our meetings and events, mail a check with your business card or stationery showing your name, company, address, phone number, and email address to: Energy Optimizers USA, c/o Shalini Kumaralingam 7950 S. County Road 25A, Tipp City, OH  45371 (Please make checks payable to WCOAEE ).

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